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Improving customer perception is good for your brand and bottom line. Join this VB Live webinar and learn to improve customer advocacy with hyper-personalized digital experiences, and more. Guest speaker Alyson Clarke, principal Analyst at Forrester, will highlight key findings from her recent report on customer advocacy in the financial services sector.

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“Customer advocacy” is emerging as a key driver of customer satisfaction and engagement in financial services. Customer advocacy is a perception by the customer that the institution has their best interest in mind. This perception is developed over time through a variety of interactions and touchpoints. It includes the institution’s digital services, customer service representatives, marketing, and pricing, says Katy Gibson, VP of application products at Envestnet | Yodlee.

Traditionally, customers of financial institutions have had high barriers to switching providers. With the advent of digital account opening, transparent pricing, and the entrance of digital neo banks to the market, it’s becoming easier than ever than ever for consumers to shop around and switch banks. The main way banks can compete is through differentiated servicing – my bank knows me, understands my needs, helps me reach my financial goals, etc.

Best practices include optimizing and automating digital interactions for day-to-day financial management and having knowledgeable staff to help customers with more complex requests. At the core of these activities is to have a holistic, evolving view of the customer over time.

Data analytics and AI are at the core of future solutions. This means moving from communication to conversation by capturing both implicit and explicit data, and creating a “living” customer profile that changes as the customer goals and behaviors change.

“For us this means capturing both implicit data derived through the enrichment of the customer’s financial data points, and explicit data about the customer’s financial goals and needs captured through various digital channels to create personal experiences,” Gibson says. “The associated data models can help fuel personalized experiences, targeted offers, and the ability to predict customer needs.”

As an example, if a customer indicates that they want to buy a home, how can you help? Can you tell them about their spending patterns and improve their budgeting? Can you provide peer comparisons around what others like you who want to buy a house are doing? What are their spending and saving strategies? Do you have an app that helps them automate savings for a down payment? Can you provide educational content about the things that they need to know before investing or buying a house, and finally, do you have a mortgage offer that can help meet their needs?

“It’s a feedback loop that asks what you’re doing with the actionable information gathered from the consumer,” explains Gibson. “How does that mindset permeate throughout your organization?”

To learn more about how to improve your customer advocacy, get a look at key findings from Forrester’s latest customer experience report, and find out how you can boost your customers’ perception of your financial services, don’t miss this VB Live event!

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Attend the webinar to discover:

  • How advocating for customers drives sustainable competitive advantage
  • Why the wealth management sector scored highest for customer advocacy in a recent Forrester survey
  • How customer advocacy is linked to increased future purchase intent
  • How to improve customer engagement through hyper-personalized digital banking experiences


  • Alyson Clarke, Principal Analyst, Forrester
  • Dustin Walsey, Co-founder and CEO, Buckle
  • Jim Del Favero, Chief Product Officer, Personal Capital
  • Katy Gibson, VP, Application Products, Envestnet | Yodlee
  • Evan Schuman, Moderator, VentureBeat