Transform, VentureBeat’s flagship event, returns this year both in-person and virtually for two full weeks. On July 20, our virtual Data Week kicks off with a deep dive into the importance of data infrastructure. Because if AI and machine learning are the driving force of enterprise transformation, data infrastructure is the engine. 

Your data architecture is the crucible in which business needs are transformed into data and system requirements, and where its flow through the enterprise is managed. A modern data architecture can finally break down those departmental data silos that slow down progress and innovation, so that every stakeholder has user-friendly access to data across the company. 

Speakers from Cigna, Capital One, Intuit, McDonald’s and more will put the spotlight on both best practices and top strategies in data infrastructure, and the technology enabling it. And you’ll walk away with true applied lessons that can be carried over into organizations across all industries.

Learn how these companies are using data to bridge the gap between business goals and technology, ramping up speed, flexibility, innovation, and more.

A look at the July 20 agenda

First, at 9:00 AM PDT, you’ll learn how Intuit and Canva employees reduce thousands of work hours while increasing productivity with the help of automation and the break-down of data silos. With custom bots and workflows from Slack, both companies were able to create digital headquarters that bring both system and human events together to empower more meaningful work and transform business outcomes.  

Intuit utilized Slack’s reimagined platform to create a custom bot that made its service team 36% faster and saved agents over 9,000 hours of work, while Canva’s finance team built a workflow within Slack that saves them over 64 hours of work each week.

Steve Wood, SVP Product Management at Slack will share best practices for approaching automation in ways that are designed to scale human interaction, how organizations can empower people to turn noise into productivity, and how data can be properly connected to the people who do the work.

At 9:20 AM PDT, Sachin Joshi SVP, Chief Data & Analytics Engineering Officer of Evernorth, a subsidiary of Cigna Corporation, will talk about how data can fix fragmented care, lower health costs, stop gaps-in-care and change how patients engage with the healthcare system. Joshi will drive into their industry-first, outcomes-based model of care that guarantees clinical targets and connects patients’ touch points across the care continuum.  

They’ll share how their automated platform can flag situations requiring clinical attention, implement interventions tailored to patients’ clinical conditions and engagement preferences, and provide 360-degree visibility to patient activity, resulting in the ultimate care coordination program.

At 9:40 AM, you’ll learn how AI leaders from McDonald’s, Databricks, and the AI Framework drive smarter, more personalized customer experiences at scale with data. They’ll talk about the challenges of scaling AI and ML initiatives, lessons learned in the quest for customer satisfaction, and how companies can cut through complexity and launch their own AI strategies.

Data is the backbone of any organization’s digital transformation, but lack of specialized knowledge can significantly hamper a company’s progress. At 10:00 AM PST, you’ll hear how Skillsoft’s CIO Orla Daly launched a burgeoning internal training program to improve data literacy and IT’s ability to leverage data across the organization. Plus, you’ll learn how multimodality training speeds up data literacy, the positive impacts of growing your team’s skillset, and what it takes to create a culture of data and learning.

It’s a roundtable discussion at 10:30 AM PDT, when George Trujillo, Principal Data Strategist at

DataStax, talks about why real-time analytics and ML are at the tip of the spear in competing for the loyalty of customers, and how to build a real-time technology stack and data architecture for a winning analytics and machine learning strategy. 

Plus, you’ll hear about the capabilities and characteristics of an enterprise real-time data ecosystem, architecting data flows across a data supply chain, reducing business friction between centralized and decentralized teams and key areas in a data strategy that drive business innovation, and more.

Finally, at 11:30 AM PDT, learn why operationalizing data mesh is critical for operating in the cloud. Patrick Barch Sr, Director of Product Management at Capital One Software, will take attendees through the basics of a data mesh framework, plus the set of principles that companies can adopt to help scale a well-managed cloud data ecosystem. Plus, you’ll get best practices for scaling your data ecosystem using data mesh concepts, which boosts efficiency by combining centralized tooling and policy with federated data management responsibility.

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July 19: The Data & AI Executive Summit | LIVE at The Palace Hotel, San Francisco, CA 

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July 20-22: The Data Week

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