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Finding senior-level people is a major challenge for tech companies looking to grow, says Joseph Furnari, CEO for HyreCar, Inc.

HyreCar, a carsharing marketplace for ridesharing, is based in Los Angeles, or “Silicon Beach.” The area has been a magnet for tech talent, as a lot of large companies set up campuses across the city. As a new publicly traded company, HyreCar has been able to attract skilled employees as they continue to grow.

One big arrow in their quiver has been their board of directors. The company has made a very conscious effort over the past six to twelve months to solidify the board with technology oriented members to provide oversight of the internal team. Earlier this year, the board welcomed Jay Vijayan, former CIO of Tesla and former head of product at VMWare, and Michael Root, one of the founding members and former technical director of Riot Games.

“Michael has a tremendous reputation in the technology and developer world,” Furnari says. “That level of talent for a  micro-cap, or nano-cap public company is tremendous. We really leverage their expertise in attracting, sourcing, and ultimately bringing new tech talent in-house.”

Michael Root’s pitch? You’ll become a first-class developer, learning the hard skills, but you’re also going to learn the soft skills, and what it takes to become part of the C-suite.

Their tech department is  now looking for a couple of seniors, with the intention of leveraging the board to help their new hires grow into the role while they’re mentored by Root and Vijayan, and overseen by Ken Grimes, their Minister of Engineering.

Their other big source of finding talent has been internal. The company encourages their employees to refer their friends or business acquaintances by offering a referral bonus, if the new hire turns out to be a good fit.

“It’s been a big plus for us,” he says. “It’s a question of culture. A referral from someone who has bought into the mission is typically going to be better than a job referral site candidate.”

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Joseph Furnari: Joe is CEO for, a fast-growing Silicon Beach startup that allows car owners to rent their idle cars to Uber and Lyft drivers safely, securely and reliably.

David Hughson: As VP for the Technology Sector at TriNet, Dave helps tech startups get the HR services they need to manage their payroll, provide access to benefits, mitigate HR risk, and attract and retain a high-quality workforce.