Who We Are

VentureBeat’s team has grown rapidly since our start in 2008. We’re dedicated to explaining the latest tech and gaming trends, covering transformational technology for developers, enthusiasts, and business leaders around the world. Here are just a few of the people who make the magic happen.

  • Anna Hensel

    Anna Hensel


  • Alex Olshonsky

    Alex Olshonsky

    Director of Sales

  • Alexei Ilinykh

    Alexei Ilinykh

    Lead Software Engineer

  • Beau Oleesky

    Beau Oleesky

    Account Executive

  • Brendan Bohn

    Brendan Bohn

    Software Developer

  • Chansamon Inprasueth Cruz

    Chansamon Inprasueth Cruz

    Staff Accountant

  • Chris O'Brien

    Chris O'Brien

    European Correspondent

  • Dean Takahashi

    Dean Takahashi

    Lead Writer, GamesBeat

  • Dilan Yuksel

    Dilan Yuksel

    Account Manager

  • Emil Protalinski

    Emil Protalinski

    News Editor

  • Jason Wilson

    Managing Editor, GamesBeat

  • Jeff Grubb

    Jeff Grubb

    Staff Writer

  • Jeremy Horwitz

    Jeremy Horwitz

  • John Lucas

    John Lucas

    Director of Ad Ops

  • Khari Johnson

    Staff Writer

  • Liza Siordia

    Liza Siordia

    Account Coordinator

  • Matt Marshall

    Matt Marshall


  • Mike Minotti

    Mike Minotti

    Community manager

  • Paul Sawers

    Paul Sawers

    Staff Writer

  • Rowan Kaiser

    Rowan Kaiser

  • Stephanie Chan

    Stephanie Chan

  • Stewart Rogers

    Stewart Rogers

    Director, Marketing Technology