VentureBeat Special Issue: How data privacy is transforming marketing

October 18, 2022

How data privacy is transforming marketing

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Data privacy isn’t the domain of just IT departments, CISOs or the compliance officers. Volumes of customer data are collected and analyzed by marketing teams every day. New technology — often driven by artificial intelligence and automation — offer new ways to target potential customers, personalize messaging, set pricing, recommend products and predict behavior.

Data is, as it’s often quoted, the new oil, and the highly valued commodity needs to be protected as do the individuals who provide it. And because data is flowing much faster oil, it also brings new levels of privacy concerns — concerns that marketing teams need to address. Data privacy regulations also loom large and global companies are faced with increasing data challenges.

Data-driven marketing is hardly new, but it’s changing as fast as the volume of data is growing.

We hope you find the articles by VentureBeat’s staff writers as valuable as the data you’re collecting, analyzing, storing and putting into action as the oil that drives your marketing plans.

Dan Muse
Managing Editor and Content Director

8-The new meannng of PII - can you ever be annonymous

The new meaning of PII can you ever be anonymous?

Tim Keary

While managing PII in a way that’s compliant with international and domestic data protection regulations can be challenging, enterprises can mitigate the risks by periodically testing whether their users’ personal data can be re-identified. 


Is privacy only for the elite? Why Apple’s approach is a marketing advantage

Ashleigh Hollowell

While a burgeoning divide shows it is more difficult for the everyday person to take advantage of their data privacy, companies are also struggling with how to approach it as regulations change. Some companies like Apple are using privacy as a marketing point.


7-Apple high prices vs Facebook free and lack of privacy -- is privacy only for the elite
6-Why PET is the future to digital advertising

Why privacy-enhancing technologies may be the future of adtech

Sharon Goldman

Privacy-enhancing technologies (PETs) allow different parties to share and collaborate on sensitive information while preserving privacy and ensuring compliance. 


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