WWDC 2013: Apple reveals iOS 7, OS X Mavericks, iTunes Radio, and more

MOSCONE CENTER, San Francisco — Apple’s Worldwide Developer Conference is upon us — the same conference that brought us the iPhone, new Mac hardware, iOS updates, and new entertainment technology, and more over the years.

We’ve speculated for awhile just what Tim Cook, Apple chief executive, would announce. And now we know: After a two-hour keynote presentation, we’ve seen glimpses of OS X Mavericks, new MacBook Airs, a spooky-cool new Mac Pro, a brand-new look for iOS7, and the debut of iTunes Radio.

The event is over now, so scroll down for the full blow-by-blow from our intrepid livebloggers.

Here are the highlights of the day’s Apple news:

Devindra Hardawar June 10, 20137:57 am

Our liveblog hosts, Jolie O’Dell and Meghan Kelly, are currently in line at the Moscone Center.

For now, take a look at what iOS 7 may look like:

Devindra Hardawar June 10, 20138:36 am

What are you looking forward to at WWDC today? Tell us in the comments!

Devindra Hardawar June 10, 20138:40 am

Crowd madness, as usual.

Devindra Hardawar June 10, 20138:46 am

Pretty sure these guys are just there to “help” Android users out of the building.

Devindra Hardawar June 10, 20139:00 am

Meghan and Jolie are now in the press corral — one hour to go!

Jolie O'Dell June 10, 20139:02 am

I am VB’s resident Google/Android reporter, so being here is a special kind of pain for me. However, I am here to provide balance, to be the balast that drags down the emotional highs of the Apple faithful and keeps the blogship on course.

Dylan Tweney June 10, 20139:07 am

Jolie is being modest. She is also our resident developer/dev tools/programming languages reporter. So it made perfect sense to send her to a developer conference! Even if she does have a strange attraction to Android.

Jolie O'Dell June 10, 20139:08 am

OH MY GOD. They just opened the doors 60 seconds ago. It was like the running of the bulls, y’all. I haven’t seen that many middle aged white men running around like crazy people since the first hour of Bay to Breakers.

Devindra Hardawar June 10, 20139:09 am

Now *that’s* a door.

Dylan Tweney June 10, 20139:09 am

One of the things we expect to see today are details on the new iOS 7. According to one sneak peek, it will have a more “flat” design. Flat is trendy these days, so that makes sense.

Here’s a link with more details:

Jolie O'Dell June 10, 20139:10 am

Whew. I am seriously glad I got in a practice run with the dog this morning. We’re in the second row. I had to literally outrun a crowd of dudes to get here.

Devindra Hardawar June 10, 20139:12 am

We’ve got some great seats!

Meghan Kelly June 10, 20139:22 am

Tim Cook is in the house! He’s standing only a few feet from us talking with some folks in the crowd. Pic to come soon!

Dylan Tweney June 10, 20139:29 am

Here’s Tim Cook, working the crowd. (This photo, like the others below, are coming to us from Meghan Kelly on the show floor.)

Dylan Tweney June 10, 20139:35 am

Here’s Tim Cook talking with the crowd. He spoke with Dave Morin of Path soon after, who can be seen in the background.

Jolie O'Dell June 10, 20139:37 am

Mr. Cook’s been chatting with Ron Conway, as well. He seems very relaxed at the moment.

Dylan Tweney June 10, 20139:44 am

Here’s another photo of Mr. Cook.

Jolie O'Dell June 10, 20139:47 am

Okee dokee, the “meet and greet” in the first row is over, the fancypants crowd has been ushered to their seats. Now, we’re just looking at an empty stage with a single table of MacBooks and Smart water for the next 15 minutes.

Dylan Tweney June 10, 20139:47 am

It’s like a rock concert in here.

Jolie O'Dell June 10, 20139:57 am

Welp, we’re wrapping up two hours of breathless waiting. The keynote should be starting any minute now. The room sounds like a beehive.

Devindra Hardawar June 10, 201310:04 am

Lots of flat lines in this opening video, looks like Apple is heralding its new design standard.

Dylan Tweney June 10, 201310:05 am

If you want to watch video of the event, Apple has a live stream available here:

(To watch that video, you’ll need to have a Mac or iOS device, and be using Safari, or else use an Apple TV.)

Devindra Hardawar June 10, 201310:05 am

“No hazing from the upperclassmen,” Apple CEO Tim Cook tells WWDC newcomers.

Meghan Kelly June 10, 201310:06 am

WWDC tickets sold out in 71 seconds, according to Tim Cook. That’s pretty impressive.

Meghan Kelly June 10, 201310:07 am

Cook talking about a new store it built in an old theater in Berlin. He said they’ll be hosting events throughout the year for the community there.

Devindra Hardawar June 10, 201310:07 am

Cook says tens of thousands of kids choose their local Apple store for their annual school field trip. There is something seriously wrong with that.

Jolie O'Dell June 10, 201310:08 am

And the propaganda has begun! We’re being told there hasn’t been a great, new iOS design in forever because Apple had to perfect it until it brought joy and delight to everyone who used it. Or whatever.

Meghan Kelly June 10, 201310:08 am

Major electronic music moment as we look at the Berlin store. I can feel the bass in my heart. Not sure I feel the same for the store, though.

Devindra Hardawar June 10, 201310:09 am

Tim Cook, strutting the stage.

Jolie O'Dell June 10, 201310:09 am

50 billion apps downloaded. The crowd goes “woo.”

Meghan Kelly June 10, 201310:09 am

There are 900,000 apps in the app store!

Meghan Kelly June 10, 201310:10 am

And 375,000 apps that have been designed for iPad. And there are 575,000,000 more accounts. “We have more accounts with credit cards than any store on the Internet.”

And they’ve paid out $10B to developers. Good to be an Apple dev today.

Meghan Kelly June 10, 201310:11 am

“That’s three times more than any other app store combined!” – Tim Cook

Meghan Kelly June 10, 201310:12 am

Cook is bringing up an AI and robotics company called Anki, which is launching today on WWDC’s stage.

Who’s jealous out there?

Meghan Kelly June 10, 201310:13 am

Anki is showing off three cars that are steering themselves around a track. They’re sensing their surroundings and adjusting their speeds based on the same processes our brains perform while driving, according to the CEO.

Meghan Kelly June 10, 201310:14 am

Uh oh, a little technical difficulties. Crowd’s giggling, bit it looks like they’re back on track.

Meghan Kelly June 10, 201310:15 am

A new car that it has introduced to the track is weaving in between each car at a much faster speed.

Sean Ludwig June 10, 201310:15 am

Sort of strange that Apple is starting off the keynote with another company’s products. Why not start with a big-bang announcement to get people excited?

Meghan Kelly June 10, 201310:16 am

Now the Anka cars are shooting weapons at each other. This is weird. You can control these cars with iPhone and iPad. I see the connection now.

“We are bringing video games to life on the floor of your livingroom.”

Jolie O'Dell June 10, 201310:17 am

I sure hope Tim has a robot up his sleeve.

Devindra Hardawar June 10, 201310:17 am

That’s a big check to developers (in more ways than one).

Meghan Kelly June 10, 201310:17 am

Tim Cook back on. “Next, I’d like to talk about the Mac.”

Jolie O'Dell June 10, 201310:19 am

Cook is talking about Mac’s growth versus PC — but 100% growth of a tiny number is a lot less than 18% growth of a huge number. I love the smell of BS statistics in the morning!

Meghan Kelly June 10, 201310:19 am

“The Mac is up 100 percent, with the PC a paltry 18 percent” for 5 year total growth, says Cook.

Jolie O'Dell June 10, 201310:19 am

And now the room is laughing at Windows 8 adoption rates. Hahahaha! Windows 8. Aw man, that’s a good one, Tim!

Meghan Kelly June 10, 201310:20 am

We’re talking about OS 10 now.

Jolie O'Dell June 10, 201310:21 am

I am SO PISSED they decided not to go with OS X Sea Lion.

Devindra Hardawar June 10, 201310:21 am

I was really gunning for Sea Lion as well!

Meghan Kelly June 10, 201310:22 am

So, they’re calling it OS 10 Mavericks because they didn’t want to be the first to delay their software because of a lack of cats.

Jolie O'Dell June 10, 201310:22 am

“Mavericks is a surfing location in Northern California, USA. It is located approximately 2 miles (3.2 km) from shore outside Pillar Point Harbor, just north of the town of Half Moon Bay at the village of Princeton-By-The-Sea. After a strong winter storm in the northern Pacific Ocean, waves can routinely crest at over 25 feet (7.6 m) and top out at over 80 feet (24 m). The break is caused by an unusually shaped underwater rock formation.
Maverick’s is a winter destination for some of the world’s best big wave surfers. Very few riders become big wave surfers; and of those, only a select few are willing to risk the hazardous, sometimes deadly, conditions at Maverick’s. An invitation-only contest is held there most winters, when the waves come.”

Thanks, Wikipedia!

Dylan Tweney June 10, 201310:22 am

Of course, Cook focuses on the 5-year growth of Macs vs PCs. If you look at the most recent year, the growth has been a lot slower — and the Mac actually lost market share in Q4 2012.

Jolie O'Dell June 10, 201310:23 am

@Dylan knows what I’m talking about with the BS statistics…

Meghan Kelly June 10, 201310:23 am

Apple brings on Finder tabs, and tags. You can tag things wherever they are, and they will all be brought together in finder for you.

Jolie O'Dell June 10, 201310:23 am

And the crowd goes wild for multiple displays. Nerrrrrrds.

Devindra Hardawar June 10, 201310:24 am

OS X improvements are tabs and tagging, so Apple has discovered Web 2.0.

Meghan Kelly June 10, 201310:24 am

Apple also bringing out multiple displays so your work doesn’t get messed up when you’re using two screens.

Meghan Kelly June 10, 201310:25 am

We’re headed into a demo of the tabs, tags, and multiple displays. The crowd is very, very excited about this.

Sean Ludwig June 10, 201310:25 am

Tim Cook’s comparison chart for Mountain Lion adoption versus Windows 8 adoption over 6 months.

Meghan Kelly June 10, 201310:27 am

Tags: You can create tags for your finder, but when you’re saving a document, you can create a new tag there as well. This can be useful for work-specific documents on a personal computer, documents that are “in-review,” and I’m sure you all can think of many more.

Dylan Tweney June 10, 201310:28 am

The surf break known as Maverick’s, for those of you who follow these things, has killed a couple of surfers: Mark Foo in 1994 and Sion Milosky in 2011.

Sean Ludwig June 10, 201310:29 am

It’s almost shocking a powerful multiple display feature wasn’t available before now.

Jolie O'Dell June 10, 201310:29 am

Meghan Kelly June 10, 201310:29 am

Craig Federighi, Apple’s VP of software engineering, demonstrating the multiple displays. He brings out an Apple TV and shows how you can move windows from a Macbook screen to your Apple TV.

Meghan Kelly June 10, 201310:30 am

“In Mavericks we’ve introduced a whole host of technology to address [the challenge of using little battery].” – Federighi

Meghan Kelly June 10, 201310:31 am

He introduces timer coalescing. In Mavericks, Apple has reduced CPU activity by 72 percent.

Meghan Kelly June 10, 201310:32 am

“Compressed Memory:” It compresses the active memory to free up memory for the computer to use when you decide to open a new application or wake it up.

Devindra Hardawar June 10, 201310:33 am

So lots of under the hood changes in OS X, but no touch support yet. How long will Windows 8 have the lead?

Jolie O'Dell June 10, 201310:33 am

Safari is now all sad and gray.

Meghan Kelly June 10, 201310:34 am

Apple updated Safari a bit, with a new feature called “shared links,” which pushes all of the links people you follow on social media post to a sidebar on your browser.

Meghan Kelly June 10, 201310:35 am

“Safari uses way less energy to Chrome and when you compare the Firefox it just kinda sad.” – Federighi

Dylan Tweney June 10, 201310:35 am

So basically, OS X is now going to look like my browser? 132 different tabs and a bunch of random tags that I can’t keep straight?

Jolie O'Dell June 10, 201310:36 am

“We optimized scrolling for more popular websites.”

Does this mean less popular websites don’t get smooth scrolling? I don’t understand.

Jolie O'Dell June 10, 201310:37 am

Interestingly, the dude is now showing the JavaScript rendering demo. We love those guys! See also:

Meghan Kelly June 10, 201310:38 am demo shows that when a window is in the background, your Mac will know to save energy and stop servicing the window. A small bar shows the the power usage going up and down as the windows hide each other.

Devindra Hardawar June 10, 201310:38 am

This guy really loves his scrolling.

Jolie O'Dell June 10, 201310:39 am

I’m still waiting to see something a normal consumer will care about. iCloud Keychain seems like a 1Password for Apple folks, but c’mon. Normal consumers don’t care about personal security.

Meghan Kelly June 10, 201310:40 am

iCloud keychain: “To really be secure these days you want to have a different complex password for every site you login. And, this inevitably brings up the questions, ‘What’s my password?'” – Federighi

Keychain helps you remember all these passwords and encrypts them for iCloud. It will also auto-suggest a password for you.

Meghan Kelly June 10, 201310:41 am

Notifications: You can reply right inside a notification now. You can do this for email without having to go to Mail.

Meghan Kelly June 10, 201310:41 am

You can sign up to receive push notifications from your iPhone and iPad apps to your Mac now too.

Meghan Kelly June 10, 201310:42 am

Notifications are pushed to the lock screen, too. Better check your computer for weird notifications before you let someone wake your Mac up.

Jolie O'Dell June 10, 201310:42 am

Okay, the new iCal looks pretty sweet. But those rounded edges are killing me.

Meghan Kelly June 10, 201310:43 am

We’re talking about maps, people!

The maps team has been making great improvements to maps, and Mac users are going to benefit, claims Federighi.

Meghan Kelly June 10, 201310:44 am

Maps will now let you send directions to your iPhone after you’ve looked them up on your Mac.

And Apple’s opening an SDK so developers can use Apple Maps in their apps, too.

Meghan Kelly June 10, 201310:47 am

New calendar has continuous scrolling and you can add events but dragging your mouse over the time you want it to occur.

You get a map and weather conditions for the location of the event you enter. It can also look up the travel time and add that to your calendar so you don’t over schedule yourself.

Jolie O'Dell June 10, 201310:47 am

Maps Maps Maps. That-there is a 3D Eiffel Tower.

Meghan Kelly June 10, 201310:49 am

Federighi showing off notes and interactive features in iBooks, including the ability to zoom in on a plant cell. It actually looks pretty good.

Jolie O'Dell June 10, 201310:49 am

The new iBooks in Mavericks has a bunch of great tools for learning and studying. I’m talkin’ FLASHCARDS.

Meghan Kelly June 10, 201310:50 am

A preview of Mavericks is available for developers today. For everyone else, the final release is this fall.

Devindra Hardawar June 10, 201310:50 am

The new Mac Maps app looks pretty nice.

Meghan Kelly June 10, 201310:50 am

Phil Schiller on stage to talk about the Mac now!

Jolie O'Dell June 10, 201310:51 am

MacBook refresh time!

Meghan Kelly June 10, 201310:51 am

He’s talking about the Macbook Air to start.

Meghan Kelly June 10, 201310:51 am

“We’re updated an entirely new line of Macbook Air.”

All day battery life!

Jolie O'Dell June 10, 201310:52 am

It’s super funny that Phil Schiller is talking about all-day battery life when my battery is about to die and the press section has no power strips. My MacBook Air has lasted about 3 hours so far.

Meghan Kelly June 10, 201310:52 am

The 11 inch Macbook Air is going from 5 hours of battery life to 9 hours of battery life.

The 13 inch goes from 7 to 12 hours of battery life.

Meghan Kelly June 10, 201310:53 am

Wi-Fi is also faster, according to Schiller. 802.11 AC.

Tom Cheredar June 10, 201310:53 am

New message UI tweaks

Meghan Kelly June 10, 201310:53 am

Macbook Air base stations are changing too.

Jolie O'Dell June 10, 201310:54 am

Schiller: “Beamforming — it even sounds cool!”

Oh, Phil. We need to get you hanging out with a different crowd.

Meghan Kelly June 10, 201310:54 am

Macbook Air 11 inch: $999 with 128 GB
Macbook Air 13 inch: $1099

Meghan Kelly June 10, 201310:55 am

They’re also very environmentally friendly, according to Schiller.

Meghan Kelly June 10, 201310:56 am

Mac Pro – “What could be possible for the future of a Pro desktop?” asks Schiller. We’re gettin’ a sneak peak.

Meghan Kelly June 10, 201310:56 am

“I’m going to go over the top and give it a grand introduction.” – Schiller.

Meghan Kelly June 10, 201310:57 am

Rock music is currently playing. We’re getting dramatic, people!

Tom Cheredar June 10, 201310:57 am

Mac book airs

Devindra Hardawar June 10, 201310:58 am

Mac Pro: Trash can edition.

Meghan Kelly June 10, 201310:58 am

The Mac Pro is a cylinder. “Can’t innovate anymore? My ass!” – Schiller

Meghan Kelly June 10, 201310:59 am

“This is a machine like none other that we’ve made inside and out. … It even sounds cool,” says Schiller.

Meghan Kelly June 10, 201311:00 am

Thunderbolt 2: 20 gigabits per second. Double the performance of the industry leading Thunderbolt one.

Sean Ludwig June 10, 201311:01 am

Steve Wozniak looks on as the new Mac Pro is announced.

Meghan Kelly June 10, 201311:01 am

This is the first Mac that comes standard with dual work station GPUs. It supports 4K displays. You can have up to three 4K displays.

And it’s pretty small in comparison to the previous generation. It’s one eighth the volume.

Meghan Kelly June 10, 201311:02 am

Has a motion sensor so that it lights up to show you where the different components are as you turn it.

Meghan Kelly June 10, 201311:03 am

Designed in California and assembled in the USA. But the parts themselves aren’t actually made here, right?

Sean Ludwig June 10, 201311:03 am

The new Mac Pro (right) looks A LOT different from the last version.

Meghan Kelly June 10, 201311:03 am

Cook: “Next I’d like to talk about iCloud.”

Meghan Kelly June 10, 201311:03 am

300M iCloud accounts

“It took Facebook five years to reach this many accounts,” says Cook.

Meghan Kelly June 10, 201311:04 am

240,000,000 users in game center. Sixty of the top 100 games in the app store integrate game center into their games.

Meghan Kelly June 10, 201311:05 am

Talking about iWork: Pages, Numbers, Keynote.

Meghan Kelly June 10, 201311:06 am

iWork for iCloud: Lets you create documents right in a browser on a Mac or on a PC.

Dylan Tweney June 10, 201311:07 am

Here’s another photo of that cylindrical Mac Pro.

Meghan Kelly June 10, 201311:07 am

DEMO: You can create a new document by clicking the “+” button on iWork for iCloud. It’s the same kind of document creation interface you’d see outside the browser.

Meghan Kelly June 10, 201311:08 am

“How do we work with office?” You can drag a Word doc into the browser, it uploads the doc automatically, and when that’s done, it’s fully edit-able in the browser.

Meghan Kelly June 10, 201311:11 am

An apple exec shows off the editing features on a Windows machine. “We have IE and Chrome here. I’m just going to fire up Chrome.” — The crowd laughs.

Meghan Kelly June 10, 201311:12 am

Tim Cook now talking about iOS.

Meghan Kelly June 10, 201311:13 am

Apple has now sold over 600M iOS devices.

Meghan Kelly June 10, 201311:14 am

Cook says that iPhone users use their phones over 50 percent more than Android users.

iOS is two times more than Android for mobile web share, according to Cook.

Meghan Kelly June 10, 201311:17 am

“Over 90 percent of iOS users are using the latest version of iOS. That’s in stark contrast to the world of Android,” says Cook.

Ninety-three percent of people are using the latest version of iOS.

Thirty-seven percent of Android folks are on Gingerbread, 33 percent on Jelly Bean, and 26 percent on Ice Cream Sandwich.

Meghan Kelly June 10, 201311:17 am

“The team at Apple has been working incredibly hard on the latest version of iOS and today its a great thrill that I announce iOS 7.” – Cook

Meghan Kelly June 10, 201311:18 am

“iOS 7 is the biggest change to iOS since the introduction of iPhone.” – Cook

We’re watching a video.

Meghan Kelly June 10, 201311:18 am

Jony Ivy voice-over on the video talking about design.

Devindra Hardawar June 10, 201311:19 am

Well, it’s a nice logo at least.

Meghan Kelly June 10, 201311:19 am

iOS 7 is blue!

Meghan Kelly June 10, 201311:20 am

“iOS 7 is the biggest change to iOS since the introduction of iPhone.” – Cook

We’re watching a video.

Devindra Hardawar June 10, 201311:21 am


Meghan Kelly June 10, 201311:21 am

The iPhone responds to your movements so your icons float over the pictures in the background.

Meghan Kelly June 10, 201311:22 am

There’s a new way to change between your apps, showing you a small window display of each one you’re changing to.

Meghan Kelly June 10, 201311:22 am

“We see iOS 7 as defining an important new direction and in many ways a beginning,” says Ive on the video.

Meghan Kelly June 10, 201311:23 am

And the crowd goes wild! Standing ovation from some.

Devindra Hardawar June 10, 201311:23 am

This tilting effect adds quite a bit of depth to the iOS interface.

Ricardo Bilton June 10, 201311:23 am

iOS 7 is legitimately pretty.

Meghan Kelly June 10, 201311:24 am

Cook: “You are going to absolutely love iOS 7.”

Someone from the crowd: “We love YOU!”

Cook: – giggles – “Thank you.”

Meghan Kelly June 10, 201311:25 am

Federighi back on stage to talk about iOS 7.

Dylan Tweney June 10, 201311:25 am

Here’s a reality check on iOS vs Android market share: Android continues to grow steadily, with growth concentrated in emerging markets, while iOS is slowly losing market share. Windows Phone has a tiny percentage of the market, but it’s finally starting to take off.

iOS – 43.%
Android – 51.2%
Windows – 4.1%

(as of Feb. 2013)

Meghan Kelly June 10, 201311:25 am

The new weather app also looks cool. It’ll actively rain and snow in the background.

Meghan Kelly June 10, 201311:26 am

Game center updated. “We completely ran out of green felt!,” said Federighi. “And wood as well, this has got to be good for the environment.”

Devindra Hardawar June 10, 201311:26 am

Really dig these new icons.

Sean Ludwig June 10, 201311:26 am

While iOS 7 may not exactly be “flat,” it certainly is easy on the eyes.

Meghan Kelly June 10, 201311:26 am

The passcode screen is totally new. Icons are bigger, and more rounded and pronounced.

Meghan Kelly June 10, 201311:27 am

On the weather app, if you pinch you get an overview of all your cities with the active precipitation graphics in the background of each.

Meghan Kelly June 10, 201311:28 am

Messages look different too. The bubbles are rounder. You can swipe between your messages lists and the individual messages.

Meghan Kelly June 10, 201311:29 am

Mail: Photos will appear full screen, text is changed slightly. Swipe across an email for “trash” and “more” options.

Meghan Kelly June 10, 201311:30 am

“For the fist time ever, notification center is now available from the lock screen as well,” – Federighi

Dylan Tweney June 10, 201311:30 am

This is a fresh look, but the design changes are very superficial. So far it’s all still buttons floating on backgrounds. They’ve just changed the look of the buttons and the backgrounds, but the basic paradigm remains.

Meghan Kelly June 10, 201311:30 am

Federighi says getting iOS7 is like getting a new phone that you already know how to use.

There are 10 new features for it, too.

Meghan Kelly June 10, 201311:31 am

Control center: It swipes up from the buttom of the phone. You can see the songs you’re playing, open a flashlight (sorry, flashlight apps!), and more.

Tom Cheredar June 10, 201311:31 am

Meghan Kelly June 10, 201311:32 am

“Now, in iOS 7, pleased to announce that we’re going to have multitasking for all apps,” says Federighi.

Think about how your Pandora runs in the background while you do other things. Now any app can do that.

But they’re going to conserve battery somehow?

Devindra Hardawar June 10, 201311:32 am

iOS 7’s Control Center is a much-needed feature. Just swipe up from the bottom of the screen to change common settings.

Meghan Kelly June 10, 201311:33 am

iOS 7 does opportunistic updates. It can update an app in the background while you’re using your phone in another capacity.

Meghan Kelly June 10, 201311:33 am

Notification center lets you swipe between your running applications. This is a really pretty feature.

Devindra Hardawar June 10, 201311:34 am

“It’s a comprehensive end-to-end redesign of the user experience,” Federighi said. “Installing iOS 7 onto your phone is like getting an entirely new phone … but one you already know how to use.”

Meghan Kelly June 10, 201311:34 am

Safari has a new full screen look with a smart search field. It also has a new interface for your tabs that makes them look like you’re looking down at files in a cabinet or a Rolodex.

Meghan Kelly June 10, 201311:39 am

Airdrop: When you’re in an app that supports a share sheet, the friends around you will show up and you can tap on them, share content, and all they have to do is accept it.

“No need to wander around the room, bumping your phone,” says Federighi.

He says all the transmissions are securely encrypted.

Meghan Kelly June 10, 201311:39 am

Camera is a lot sleeker. There are live photo-filers available as well.

Tom Cheredar June 10, 201311:40 am

Safari in iOS7

Meghan Kelly June 10, 201311:41 am

In iOS 7 your photos are now organized into “moments” based on the data those photos have. It knows a location such as the time you went to Baker Beach in San Francisco and organizes it into that moment titled the same.

Meghan Kelly June 10, 201311:42 am

If you go for a full day throughout SF, those moments are then put into a collection of the day. You can swipe out further into a “year” collection. It’ll pull out the places you went in that year for you.

“You may not remember that you did it, but iOS does.”

Meghan Kelly June 10, 201311:42 am

You can scrub over the photo collection, which shows off all of your photos from that year on the display page, and find the specific photo you’re looking for without going into the collection itself.

Meghan Kelly June 10, 201311:43 am

There are new sharing options, too. Airdrop, iCloud, Facebook, and Twitter are all listed.

Meghan Kelly June 10, 201311:43 am

Other people can share into your photo stream as well.

Tom Cheredar June 10, 201311:43 am

Photo view in iOS7

Meghan Kelly June 10, 201311:44 am

“Now we even support sharing video via iCloud photo sharing.” – Federighi

Meghan Kelly June 10, 201311:44 am

Eddy Cue comes on stage to talk about integrating Internet services into iOS 7.

Meghan Kelly June 10, 201311:45 am

Siri has a new interface. When you speak, you’ll see a soundwave across the bottom, and more graphics in Siri’s answer.

Siri also has a new voice and you can choose between a man and a woman.

Meghan Kelly June 10, 201311:45 am

French and German are also available as well.

Meghan Kelly June 10, 201311:46 am

There are new commands for Siri too, including “play last voice mail,” and “increase brightness.”

Devindra Hardawar June 10, 201311:46 am

Kind of sad that Apple isn’t mourning the death of the original Siri voice at all. That thing’s almost iconic now.

Tom Cheredar June 10, 201311:46 am

Photostreams and Airdrop sharing…

Devindra Hardawar June 10, 201311:47 am

Web search results from BING inside of Siri. You mad at Google bro?

Meghan Kelly June 10, 201311:48 am

iOS 7 for the car: Car manufacturers are including iOS integration in 2014 and can push different pieces of information straight to your car’s display including maps.

Meghan Kelly June 10, 201311:48 am

The app store updates your apps automatically now.

Dylan Tweney June 10, 201311:48 am

The VentureBeat team has been posting a lot of stories with more details on the news from this keynote. If you’ve been following along with our liveblog, refresh this page to see links to all these stories.

Meghan Kelly June 10, 201311:49 am

Music: You can see all of your purchased music from iCloud right in your library automatically.

In the video apps you get all of your movies and TV shows right in your library as well.

Meghan Kelly June 10, 201311:49 am

In music, if you turn your phone horizontally, it’ll show your album covers.

Meghan Kelly June 10, 201311:50 am

iTunes Radio is here!

Meghan Kelly June 10, 201311:50 am

iTunes Radio is built right into the music app.

Meghan Kelly June 10, 201311:50 am

We’re getting a demo: The programming team has created a set of stations as well. Cue tapped “Summer songs” and a Maroon 5 song came on. We’re, you know, listening to it.

Devindra Hardawar June 10, 201311:51 am

Here’s iTunes Radio.

Meghan Kelly June 10, 201311:51 am

You can share the song with a friend or create a new station base don the song. You can skip to the next song as well. There’s a button where you can buy it on iTunes in the upper right corner.

Meghan Kelly June 10, 201311:52 am

If you like the song, you click a star to “play more songs like this.” Very similar user interface to Pandora.

It’ll also show your history of songs and allow you to purchase them from the history screen as well.

Meghan Kelly June 10, 201311:53 am

If you’re an iTunes Match subscriber it’s completely ad-free.

Starting in the U.S. and adding other countries over time.

Meghan Kelly June 10, 201311:54 am

Integration with Tencent Weibo now included in iOS 7.

Meghan Kelly June 10, 201311:56 am

Activation lock: If a thier tries to turn off FindMyiPhone or if they wipe the device entirely, they will not be able to reactivate it because they don’t know your iPhone passcode.

“We think this is going to be a really powerful theft deterrent.” – Federighi

Meghan Kelly June 10, 201311:57 am

There are over 1,500 new application programming interfaces available for developers as well.

Meghan Kelly June 10, 201311:57 am

iOS 7 is available for beta today.

Final release coming this fall.
Available on iPhone 4 and later, iPad 2 and later, iPad mini, and the fifth generation iPod touch.

Meghan Kelly June 10, 201311:58 am

Tim Cook back on stage reviewing all of today’s announcements.

Meghan Kelly June 10, 201311:59 am

“I’d like to close this morning with a reminder that our goal at Apple is to make amazing products that our customers love,” says Cook.

He’s playing a new advertisement.

Meghan Kelly June 10, 201312:00 pm

“This is it, this is what matters,” the ad starts.

Meghan Kelly June 10, 201312:01 pm

The ad: “The experience of a product … will it make life better, does it deserve to exist? We spend a lot of time on a few great things until every idea we touch enhances each life it touches.”

Let’s get emotion, y’all.

Meghan Kelly June 10, 201312:01 pm

Well, that’s it everybody! No Foo Fighters this time around. We’ll see you at the next one.

Dylan Tweney June 10, 201312:04 pm

No, thank you. Tim Cook applauds the audience, as it gives him a standing ovation.

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