We should see the new iPad in less than two weeks.

According to report in AllThingsD, Apple will hold its next major unveiling event on October 22. Apple watchers have been expecting a new iPad reveal event soon, and this looks like it could be it — almost a year to the day since the iPad mini event last year in San Jose.

As usual, the event will be invite-only.

Just a bit smaller than an iPad 4

Above: Just a bit smaller than an iPad 4

Image Credit: Tanner Marsh

The big question, however, is how much Apple will unveil. Last year, Apple pulled out all the stops with a major reveal that included new MacBooks, new iMacs, a new iPad 4, a new Mac Mini, and, of course, the iPad mini. Tim Cook referred to the year’s work as “truly prolific.” It’s unlikely Apple will be quite as prolific this year, but new iPads, which might include a new iPad mini, are virtually guaranteed.

The new iPad 5 will be shorter and lighter and will likely have the iPhone 5S’ new fingerprint sensor as well. It will also probably feature a 64-bit CPU, just like the iPhone 5S, and a variety of other spec bumps.

It’s not clear where Apple is holding the event and what other new products might be announced. Based on recent rumors, an iPad mini with a Retina screen seems unlikely, but the new version of OS X, and the Mac Pro that Apple teased so effectively back at WWDC are fairly likely.

More details when I have them …

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