cyber came out the winner in the battle for Internet traffic on Cyber Monday, typically one of the biggest days for e-commerce sales every year.

Amazon received 15.53 percent of all U.S. visits among the top 500 retail web sites, up 44 percent from 10.79 percent a year ago, according to Experian Hitwise. Walmart was the second most-visited site with 9.54 percent of the visits, up 11 percent from 8.56 percent a year ago. Target was third with 5.16 percent of visits, up 13 percent from 4.57 percent a year earlier.

The phenomenon at work here isn’t growth, but consolidation around a few superbrands in a shrinking market. Overall, online visits to the top retail web sites were down 9 percent from Cyber Monday in 2008. Among the top 20 sites visited on Cyber Monday, Apple saw the largest increase with a 71 percent improvement over 2008, Staples saw a 61 percent increase and Barnes & Noble saw a 46 percent increase. The biggest losers were Home Depot, down 29 percent, and, down 25 percent.

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