broadcastr iphone app Now anyone can star in their own “This American Life”-esque story and share it with the world using just their iPhone: Broadcastr, a startup dedicated to tying personal audio stories to specific locations, launched its free iPhone app today.

The mobile app comes more than a week after New York City-based Broadcastr opened its online beta to the public. The mobile app includes all of the key features of the online site, including the ability to listen to stories from around the world, as well as easily record your own story and tie it to a location.

But the app also includes one killer mobile feature the company calls “Geoplay.” When turned on, the Broadcastr app will automatically play stories based on your physical location. For example, you could stroll through Bryant Park in New York City and automatically hear stories pinned there. It’s a nifty feature, and it’s something that competing location-based audio sharing services like Shoudio don’t offer.

The mobile app also lets you tap into Broadcastr’s social media features. You can follow other users and find notable new storytellers in the app’s “Featured” section.

The company hasn’t announced how it plans to make money off of the service, but I imagine that we’ll end up seeing sponsored entries like Twitter’s sponsored tweets, and ads may potentially pop up inside of audio streams as well.

Broadcastr’s combination of Geoplay, 6,000-plus available stories, and easy story recording make it an essential app for would-be broadcast hosts. I was a fan of the company’s concept with its initial web launch, but it definitely seems like Broadcastr is a service better served by the mobile experience.

The company plans to release an Android app later this month, and we’re still awaiting funding details.