Fashion-forward types seem infatuated with photographing their outfits. You can scoff at the practice all you want, but the overwhelming number of fashion blogs tells us that sharing outfits is popular, especially in a world with Instagram. Cloth, an iOS app available since last December, goes a step further and catalogs your entire closet based on outfit pictures. Today, it adds weather-tracking features and photo filters to its app.

Cloth encourages users to snap a picture of their outfit each morning and add descriptions, such as clothing brand and style. As you snap pictures, the app gives you points and badges. Eventually, the goal is to catalog your entire closet with Cloth so you never again have to complain that you have nothing to wear.

Cloth is partnering with Weather Underground to connect your outfits with the weather outside. When you photograph an outfit, Cloth will automatically tag it with the current weather. Then you can go back later and choose a weather category to see which of your outfits will keep you comfortable based on the forecast.

Cloth is also teaming with Aviary to add fancy photo filters to the app, Instagram style. Outfit pictures are sharable on Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr.

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Cloth’s free redesigned app launches today in the App Store (it used to cost 99 cents). The weather features and photo filters are available with an in-app 99 cent purchase.

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