While it may seem like human needs are becoming less primal in our tech-heavy society, a few massive investments today proved that no matter how evolved we become, people still depend on food, communication, shelter, and companionship. The ways we address these needs may have changed over time — cavemen didn’t have access to venture capital — but the value of problem-solving dates back to the Stone Age.

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Samsung invests nearly $1B in stone printing technology 

Dutch chip technology company ASML announced this morning that Samsung has committed around $976 million to help spur next-generation lithography techniques. Ultimately, ASML says the research “will enable smarter, more powerful, more energy-efficient, and cheaper electronic devices for consumers.” We can expect to see ASML’s innovations in Samsung’s future mobile chips in smartphones and tablets.

Samsung has purchased 3 percent of ASML for 503 million euros (around $630 million) and will offer up an additional 276 million euros  (around $346 million) for R&D purposes. Samsung is the last company to join ASML’s co-investment program, which also includes Intel and TSMC. Read more at VentureBeat.

Kleiner opts to invest $100M in enterprise instead of excessively large home 

Major VC firm Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers will invest more than $100 million in new enterprise-facing startups, Bloomberg reports. The firm has already put up about $100 million to date in the areas of business mobile apps and remote management hardware and software.

Unlike Russian venture capitalist Yuri Milner, who shelled out $100 million last year for a Silicon Valley mega-mansion, Kleiner is putting its money into the business world and may actually see some returns. Read more on VentureBeat.

Delivery Hero takes $50M to help man find food

European company Delivery Hero has raised $50 million for its site that streamlines the takeout process by letting people order food online. Hungry customers in Germany, the U.K., Australia, Sweden, Finland, Korea, Russia, Poland, Austria, Switerland, Mexico, and China can peruse menus from local restaurants, place orders, pay on the site, and then wait for the food to arrive. Over 22,000 restaurants are in the network, and the funding will go toward adding more, as well as delivering in new markets around the world.

Delivery Hero is part of Team Europe, a Berlin-based startup incubator program that has built a portfolio of 10 companies. To date, it has raised over $100 million, including $31 million in April to acquire the delivery service OnlinePizza Norden Group. This fourth round was led by existing investor Kite Ventures, with support from Kreos Capital. Read more on VentureBeat.

Momo takes $40M to help humans date, mate, and procreate 

Momo Tech has raised $40 million for its app that helps nearby strangers connect with each other. Like any service that helps strangers find each other, it can be used simply to find a companion for coffee on-the-go, as a random hook-up tool, or even to find a mate.

The product is similar to Grindr, Skout, Blendr and Badoo, except this one is based in China. With 10 million users, 2.2 million of whom use the app daily, and the addition of 1 million users a month, Momo’s success shows that China is fertile ground for this type of technology The impressive numbers make it a compelling investment opportunity. It has not been disclosed where the money came from. Read more on VentureBeat.