It’s been in a busy week in tech, with Twitter’s IPO, Apple’s earnings and the whole debacle.

The VentureBeat team had you covered on the big news, and some more unexpected gems. You gained an extra hour of sleep with daylights savings time, so settle in, enjoy a hot cup of tea and our roundup of the most essential stories from the Internets.

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1. Big data, little startups: These six startups want to disrupt the data world 

strata-startupsThe big data trend is still going strong, with the largest enterprises looking for new ways to securely manage and store mountains of information.

Strata has rapidly become one of the most significant global conferences for data and analytics startups. It’s a chance to show off to potential investors, customers and the press. At Strata, our enterprise reporter Eric Blattberg met and mingled with execs from some of the hottest new companies.

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Github to White House: Open source your code and let us help 

github open source“I would personally like to see the government default be open source,” Scott Chacon, cofounder and chief information officer at Github told our reporter.

In the wake of the debacle, Silicon Valley’s entrepreneurs may get their way, with the feds defaulting to open source and cloud-based technologies. The former White House chief technology officer Aneesh Chopra said in a recent interview that the federal health exchange would likely be the last major government project built using legacy IT systems.

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1. Smart city, smart planet: Sensity is building a billion-node network of global sensors — in street lights 


Sensity Systems’ CEO Hugh Martin told us about the launch of his company’s new smart streetlights, with sensors and a connecting network.

The ultimate goal is to build a sensor network spanning the entire globe. We called the technology an “ingenious solution” — but can cities afford it?

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2. This is the world’s first Bitcoin ATM 

jordan-kelley-robocoin-atmThe world’s first Bitcoin ATM opened for business this morning at a coffee shop in Vancouver, Canada. You can now buy, sell, and trade Bitcoin at a real, physical machine, depositing cash and checks for Bitcoin.

“This is progress … we’re bridging the gap and bringing reality to this digital currency,” Jordan Kelley, CEO of Robocoin, the company behind the ATM, told us this morning in Vancouver. ”We’re bringing it to the masses.”

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3. The President’s Gaming Guy tells us that games fascinate Obama 

tech3602-x2Interviewing the White House’s self-described ‘gaming guy’ was one of the highlights from our GamesBeat conference. “Some people do play games in the White House,” DeLoura told our lead reporter Dean Takahashi. “I’m trying to find those people and collect them, Pokémon-style.”

Joking aside, the president is deeply concerned with improving education in our country. Games are an essential part of the conversation and strategy.

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