SAN FRANCISCO — Apple must have been praying Dr. Dre wasn’t loaded during his live video conference at today’s WWDC 14.

As it turns out, Apple chief Tim Cook had nothing to worry about.

Dre delivered smooth discourse about the some of the new features on OS X Yosemite. He joined the event via a phone call, delivered through an onstage computer, using the new “answer on my Mac” feature.

However, neither Dre nor any of the Apple execs who actually appeared onstage had anything specific to say about the Beats acquisition or how its technologies — including a streaming music service as well as its bass-heavy headphones — would be incorporated into Apple.

It was a far cry from the Heineken-fueled diatribe captured in a Facebook video after Dre and company sold their Beats outfit to Apple for $3.2 billion last month.

Dre’s expletive-laden shoutout was said to have infuriated Apple’s leadership as an affront to their squeaky clean image. It was also an inadvertent confirmation of the acquisition.

According to Billboard, “the Apple family near imploded with outrage” after actor Tyrese Gibson posted the explicit video of Dre to Facebook earlier this month.

But since then, Apple announced Dre was joining the Apple family as an executive. So it’s all good.

On Monday, before thousands, Dre aced his call-in. He’s officially rehabilitated.

Word on the street is that Dre is actually here in San Francisco, despite his lack of onstage presence today. So keep your eyes open.