Yahoo’s employment base might be a tad bit more racially diverse than Google’s and LinkedIn’s, but it’s still got work to do.

The search company revealed today that 50 percent of its employees in the U.S. are white — a lower percentage than Google (61 percent) and LinkedIn (53 percent).

When it comes to gender, though, Yahoo falls in the middle, as 37 percent of its employees globally are women. LinkedIn came out ahead with 39 percent, and Google trails with 30 percent.

The big picture shows a Silicon Valley technology scene with tendencies: White people are most common, and men are most common.

At Yahoo, for instance, 78 percent of leadership is white, and 77 percent of leaders are men. Things aren’t too different at Google.

But perhaps that will change. At Yahoo, chief development officer Jackie Reses seems keen on making things more equitable.

“Overall, our goal at Yahoo is to create a workplace culture that attracts and retains all talents, regardless of background, and to help our people grow to their full potential,” Reses wrote in a blog post today.