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Google today finally answered the challenge laid down earlier this year by Amazon’s Alexa.  Developers can now create voice-activated actions for Google Home using the Actions on Google platform. Actions are voice-activated bots, similar to Alexa Skills, and trigger either Direct Actions, “send my wife a text,” or Conversation Actions, “what’s the weather forecast this weekend?” Amazon reports that it has more than 5,000 Skills in its library, up from 100 earlier this year.

VentureBeat will be among the first news organizations on Google Home. Our bot — built by Gupshup, which has teamed with Google — will be available later this month. I’ll share more details about what to expect in the weeks ahead.

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This is a thrilling moment in which to consider how interfaces are effectively vanishing on both your favorite messaging apps and on voice-activated platforms. They’re not there, but they are. Or are they? Perhaps a smarter way to think of interfaces is as being on-demand, as Matt Hartman of betaworks puts it, appearing as needed to unlock services inside chatbots. The interface for VentureBeat on Google Home will be invisible until you call it up by saying, “Ok Google, let me talk to VentureBeat.”

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P.S. Please enjoy this video of Google’s Behshad Behzadi on The Future of Search from ChatbotConf 2016.

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VentureBeat on Google Home will be available later this month.

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Google Home.

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Developers can now create actions for Google Home using the Actions on Google platform, the company announced today. Like an Alexa Skill, Actions are the controls that power a voice-enabled Google Assistant. There are two kinds of interactions with Google Assistant: Conversation Actions and Direct Actions. With early access to the platform, bot makers can build Conversation Actions for […]

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