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This week, Travis and Stewart discuss the latest in VR experiences, including a VR vacation simulator — or VRacation simulator, if you like Travis’ made-up words.

They also discuss VR’s marketing problem and European standards for watching ads in VR. Yep, it’s a VR fest this week.

Speaking of emerging technologies, the duo then interview Nirmal Mehta, who schools us in everything new and exciting just in time for us to take a short holiday break and head into the exciting technologies that lie ahead in 2018.


Resources mentioned in the episode

CES 2018 Event | Travis Wright will be speaking in 2018
VR Vacation  | Owlchemy Labs
Gaze-At-Ratio | Consumers in VR
VR’s marketing conundrum | WebVR
Immersive Portal | Booz Allen
Ocean Lens | Booz Allen Project
Machine Intelligence | Responsibly unlocking the potential of machine intelligence

Contact Nirmal Mehta: @normalfaults on Twitter, and on LinkedIn

Next week on VB Engage

Tune in next year for the next episode of VB Engage! We kick off the year with a great chat with Shira Lazar of What’s Trending and other video creation fame! It’s a great conversation. Until then, happy holidays and have a great 2018!

If you missed last week’s episode

Last week, Stewart and Travis interviewed Mike Wikan, a legendary video game creator. We chat with Mike about the future of emerging technologies, what they’re going to mean for our daily lives, and how organizations, businesses, and governments will be affected.

Listen to episode 78.

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