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Android Pie passes 20% adoption after 12 months

Google today shared that in August 2019, Android Pie had 22.6% adoption. That means the second-latest version of Android was running on a fifth of devices after some 12 months. Google did not share adoption numbers for any other Android version, including Android 10, the latest version that started rolling out last month. Meanwhile, iOS 13 passed 50% adoption in less than a month.

The new figure comes just an hour ahead of Android Dev Summit 2019, which kicks off today in Sunnyvale, California. With over 2.5 billion active Android devices out there, Android’s distribution is useful information for anyone who makes decisions regarding Google’s mobile operating system. It’s incredibly valuable to know how widely (or narrowly) an Android version — or more importantly, an API level — has been adopted.

But the information is still outdated and incomplete. Google has not updated the distribution dashboard hosted on its Android developer website, which details the adoption numbers of its mobile operating system versions. The previous update was more than five months ago, when Google shared that Android Pie had passed 10% adoption. That update came after more than six months of no updates. Google previously blamed a technical glitch for the lack of distribution updates. The company eventually said it had resolved the issue and promised to keep the dashboard updated, but admitted that it would be closer to a quarterly cadence than a monthly one. Clearly that didn’t happen.