Google wants to make it easier for job candidates to find great fits. It rolled out Cloud Talent Solution (formerly Cloud Job Discovery), a development platform for job search workloads that factors in a range of preferences to match employers with qualified applicants, last August. And today, building on early momentum, it’s introducing enhanced multilanguage support and new features in Cloud Talent Solution’s search API, including search filters for walking and cycling commutes.

They’re available to any of the more than 4,000 sites already using Cloud Talent Solution.

“Since launching Cloud Talent Solution last year, we’ve been working closely with employers and job boards to help improve the discoverability of jobs, as well as matching those jobs with the right candidates,” Google product manager Jennifer Su wrote in a blog post. “Companies around the globe have told us that reaching a larger talent pool is consistently top of mind, and we also hear from job seekers about their unique job search and employment needs.”

Toward that end, the aforementioned new filters let Cloud Talent Solution customers like Cox Communications, Encompass Health, and College Recruiter enable users to seek out jobs easily accessible via bike or walking paths. Su said the additions were inspired by research showing that biking is often the only commuting option for those living in low-income communities.

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“Cities across the country have started to prioritize their cyclists with added investments in dedicated bike lanes and multi-use paths,” she said. “Outside the U.S., in Copenhagen, 41 percent of commuters commute by cycling, and in Barcelona, it is very common to walk to work.”

Google Cloud Talent Solution

Above: Enhanced language support in Google’s Cloud Talent Solution, as demonstrated on a customer’s site.

Image Credit: Google

Meanwhile, on the language side of the equation, would-be employees using Cloud Talent Solution can now see jobs both in their native tongue (i.e., the language in which they performed the search) and in English. A search for “enfermera,” for instance — the Spanish word for “nurse” —  on Encompass Health will surface English-language listings.

“This way, employers and job sites can ensure they aren’t deterring users who prefer to search in a language other than that of the original job posting,” Su said. “More than 100 languages are spoken at home across the U.S., especially in metropolitan cities such as Chicago, Dallas, and Philadelphia … [L]anguage preference is another personal element of the job search experience.”

Cloud Talent Solution’s improvements and broad launch follow on the heels of Hire by Google, the hiring dashboard that’s part of Google’s enterprise-focused G Suite platform. It’s a full stack recruitment tool that allows recruiters to sift through job listings, interview and screen candidates, solicit applications, and more, and it natively integrates with Gmail, Google Calendar, and Sheets, automatically filling in details such as contact information in invites and recording data captured across interviews. Moreover, thanks to artificial intelligence, it’s able to recommend appropriate time slots for meetings and interviews, analyze key terms in job descriptions, and highlight candidates’ phone numbers and log calls.

In the intervening months since Hire by Google’s June launch, it’s gained a feature — candidate discovery — that surfaces appropriate candidates for new gigs at a company, along with a veritable suite of AI-powered calendar scheduling, resume review, and phone call tools. Separately, Google has launched a job search feature for military veterans that aims to make it easier for service members to find civilian jobs that align with their occupation, in part by finding jobs in their area that require skills similar to those used in their military role.